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Electric Blankets

Electric blankets are a great way to stay warm at night and keep those toes toasty.  However, they also hold an inherent risk which can lead to complications, as well as the product.  Often, the heat provided by the blanket cannot be fully felt unless you’re fully under the cover.  If warmth is only judged by a simple touch, you can easily miscalculate the heat given off and that can lead to serious consequences.

Today’s electric blankets are designed to perform at a low wattage, which lowers the risk of fire or damage resulting from use.  However, this also means your perception from touching a blanket, will not give you an accurate idea of the heat the electric blanket is actually giving you.  Increasing your heating index on an electric blanket can inflate your risk to getting a burn or a fire.  Nerve damage due to diabetes or other complications can also further the possibility that someone using these blankets can miscalculate the warmth given off and can put you at serious risk.

So as you prepare to snuggle in this evening, remember the best way to lower the danger of heated blankets is to judge warmth provided by getting under the covers rather than simply touching these blankets.  Electric blankets are designed to hold warmth over hours at a time.  Although it’s difficult to perceive, it is important to trust the instructions provided.  Too many factors are at play to make that method a trustworthy way to judge the warmth and effectiveness of an electric blanket.

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