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How to exercise your feet

There are many ways to maintain healthy feet throughout the year. One of them is to exercise them regularly. Our feet are made up of extrinsic and intrinsic muscles. These muscles are either connected to larger parts of our body or they are within the structure of our feet. These muscles make up 25% of our body’s muscles. Therefore, it is important to exercise them as they relate directly to proper foot mechanics and whole body balance.

The exercises that you can participate in include toe lifts, toe abduction, stretching the toe flexors, strengthening the bottom of your feet, foot circles, points with therabands, and even walking barefoot. All of these exercises are simple to partake in and do not require the time that other extensive workouts at the gym do. From the comfort of your own home, you can do these exercises and improve the health of your feet at your own pace.

For more information, please visit http://www.active.com/tennis/articles/7-exercises-for-fitter-feet

Woman walking in mountains in sport shoes
Woman walking in mountains in sport shoes

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