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Is your shoe your partner?

The summer is approaching and we can finally walk around without our winter jackets. It’s only a matter of time until we can start jogging along the Mississippi again or play basketball in the sun. So don’t forget about getting the right work-out partner: the right shoe. Every exercise requires a different type of shoe and choosing the wrong one may end up damaging your feet. Here are some simple tips to help you find the perfect shoe for you.

First, don’t make the multi-tasking shoe mistake. Some sports may require more cushioning, while others require a shoe with stability on the inside and outside of the foot to account for quick side-to-side movements. Buy a shoe specially made for your favorite sport. If you have two different exercises you enjoy, that’s even better.

Make sure you know your foot, because there is no one-size-fits-all shoe. Simply look at a pair of your shoes. If your shoes show the most wear on the inside edge, you would want to buy a shoe with a motion-control feature and maximum support. If it shows the most wear on the outside edge, look for a cushioned shoe with a soft midsole. When in doubt, ask your podiatrist for a consultation.

Most importantly, test your shoes. It is natural for your feet to swell after work-outs and later in the day. Test your work-out shoes in the afternoon or even after workouts to ensure they fit properly. Additionally, make sure to wear your work-out socks when testing shoes. The shoe might fit when you wear your every-day socks, but might be too small when you wear your work-out socks. Last, shoes do not wear in.  If they don’t feel comfortable when you’re trying them on, then don’t buy them.

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