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Gentle, Effective Diagnosis and Treatment

Most people think of tendonitis affecting the shoulders; did you know it can also affect your feet?

Do you feel pain in your feet or around your ankle after exercising? Running, walking, swimming and other activities can cause excessive strain on the tendons in your feet. Tendonitis can cause pain and, occasionally, swelling.

The most common cause of tendonitis in the feet is overuse. An increase in your exercise regimen can cause more strain on the tendons.

Before starting any physical activity, remember to stretch. Stretching your feet and ankles can help prevent tendonitis from developing. Also, be sure to wear properly fitting shoes. If you sense tendonitis symptoms, decrease your activity and apply cold compresses.

Recurring or severe pain may mean a rupture or tear in the tendon. Get your foot checked out if that happens.

Take it easy on your feet, and remember to stretch.

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