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Although your feet are the part of your body most prone to pain and injury, they are often neglected and ignored. Foot pain is not normal! You deserve to walk pain-free and Dr. Smith can help.

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Laser Therapy

Dr. Kevin Smith, D.P.M. was the first podiatrist in the Quad-Cities to offer MLS laser therapy to his patients. The FDA-approved treatment is quick, painless and offers quick instant relief of pain, swelling and inflammation without side effects. The treatment has been used successfully to treat patients with heel pain, sprains and strains as well as relieving pain from arthritis of the foot, and helping to speed healing after foot surgery.

MLS Laser Therapy compliments the broad array of treatments and therapies available at Dr. Smith’s practice. Dr. Smith calls the MLS system “the most promising treatment I have seen in years for relieving pain and promoting healing. I was impressed not only by the results the MLS Laser produced, but also the broad range of problems it can treat.” MLS Laser Therapy has become a very popular pain relief option in the clinical practices where it is offered, with 90% of patients experiencing significant improvement of their symptoms in as few as one to two treatments.

Though lasers have been used by doctors for some 35 years, MLS Laser Therapy is a state-of-the-art breakthrough in restoring patient mobility. This innovative therapy works at a cellular level using a synchronized combination of laser emissions, simultaneously addressing swelling, pain and the loss of joint motion. The result is a significant leap forward and a huge departure from traditional treatments.

Dr. Smith explains, “Using the MLS Laser, the cells of the tendons, ligaments and muscles, even the skin repairs itself faster. As the inflammation is reduced, the pain subsides, helping the body achieve a speedy recovery.” Unlike some pharmacological solutions or invasive treatments, MLS Laser Therapy has no known negative side effects. Chronic conditions can be successfully controlled with one phase of 10 short treatments followed by an occasional maintenance treatment.

Treatments last 4 – 8 minutes each. Benefit from these treatments generally last 48-72 hours. A standard series of 6-7 treatments is recommended to achieve optimal, sometimes permanent results. Because tissues can only absorb a limited amount of energy at a time, treatments must be separated by at least 15 hours. “We’re so pleased to be able to offer this remarkable treatment to our patients, especially those whose pain has been difficult to manage,” said Dr. Smith.

Laser MLS Therapy

Dr. Smith and Dr. Buckrop use MLS Laser Therapy as an innovative treatment to successfully reduce pain and inflammation – 90% of patients experience significant and

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