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Summer Activities and Your Feet

Summer is the time for outdoor activities, jogging along the Mississippi and having a barbecue in the backyard. Protecting our feet is key in spending a fun summer weekend with friends and family.

Feeling the summer breeze on your bare feet is certainly liberating; however, it exposes the feet to the sun and potentially harmful surfaces. Applying sunscreen has never hurt anybody and being mindful of hot surfaces reduces any risks for humans and pets alike.

Many public baths and hotels offer feet showers to disinfect against warts and other culprits. Wearing flip-flops in public locker rooms, but also on hotel rooms’ carpet, can prevent bacterial infection and injuries.

And although we all already know it, it cannot be repeated enough: drink plenty of water. Especially kids… they are usually not aware of the effects of playing in the heat and can quickly dehydrate which can result in dizziness. Foot swelling can additionally indicate insufficient intake of water.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question about keeping you and your kids’ feet safe during the summer. We wish you a fun time with family and friends!


Couple lying on grass outdoors in spring park
Couple lying on grass outdoors in spring park

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