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The risks of wearing flip flops.

As you get out your flip flops for those hot days of summer, think about your feet and what you’ll be doing in your flip flops.

Flip flops have a minimalist design. They are perfect for the beach, but flip flops can cause trouble. I see a number of patients in the summer with problems in their arches that cause a lot of foot pain. Flip flops fall off more easily than closed toe shoes.

I recommend you avoid wearing flip flops in challenging conditions, such as hiking, gardening, and mowing the lawn. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen. Also, when thinking about wearing flip flops, consider both your age and your weight. As you age, the anatomy of your feet changes, muscles tighten and atrophy can happen. Larger people are at a greater risk of ankle damage and stress fractures due to the lack of support.

Not all flip flops are the same, but please think before you walk out of the house!

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